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Rock Paper Scissors and Design for Kids Upcoming Workshops

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Rock Paper Scissors Workshop

April 7th and 14th 6-9PM

Taught by Aaron Neubert

$40 for the class

The ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS workshop series will explore 5 traditional materials- paper, wood, cement, metal and glass – with the intention of uncovering latent possibilities due to developments in manufacturing and fabrication technologies. The history of material science and current technical research and development into emerging materials and products are discussed within a seminar class structure. All research shall be placed within a context of building/interiors, landscape, and product environments, with an understanding of environmental impact and ethics.
Each workshop will consist of an introduction to the historical methodologies involved with these materials, followed by an analysis of the paradigm shifts that have led to a reevaluation of materiality as an active and performative player in product development. Following the introduction, in a hands-on laboratory each participant will explore diverse and novel techniques to transform the given material toward the creation of an independent product prototype.

Mr. Neubert’s work has been recognized with Merit Awards from the American Institute of Architect’s Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley chapters, as well as The Van Alen Prize in Public Architecture. He has served as a design instructor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, The Southern California Institute of Architecture, Otis School of Design, Woodbury University, and Cal Poly Pomona and has lectured on his work in Denmark, New York and Los Angeles. Mr. Neubert currently holds the title of Lecturer at the University of Southern California. He is a California licensed architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Design for Kids

Saturdays April 2nd-30th 2-4PM

Taught by Alla Kazovsky

Ages 6-12. $140 ($35 per class) includes all materials

Design For Kids

This is a two hour studio dedicated to allowing children to explore their imagination while gaining an exciting new perspective on the world around them. The students will learn through discussion and idea planning as well as sketching, model building and a final presentation of their creation. This is intended to teach children how to articulate their imagination and create tangible representations of how they view the world around them.

The theme for this workshop series will be Design in Nature. Children will explore architectural design through hands-on projects while looking at buildings as organisms, pondering adaptation to external conditions and natural cycles, as well as learning about the value of using natural materials.
Discussion: accompanied by looking at books, etc. facilitates and sparks ideas.

Block building: related to the theme at hand, works very well as the initial stage of the design process.

Sketching: recording of ideas with quick 5-minute sketch follows.

Model Building: allows further development and fine-tuning of design concepts. We supply a great variety of recycled materials.

Presentation: develops and polishes communication skills. Children walk away with a sense of completion and accomplishment every week. We have had a few cases of very shy and reserved kids opening up to share their ideas without hesitation.

Alla has designed and manufactured a line of children’s furniture with pieces sold at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Design Store. Has taught at SCI-Arc, MOCA, the Skirball Cultural Center, Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. Recipient of Good Design Award, Best Toy of the Year Award, Graphis Product Design 2 & 3 Awards.

To get Information on all of the classes at Ilan Dei Studio visit our facebook page or contact us directly at and 310 302 9222


Furniture Making with Digital Fabrication (2 of 4) Seat and Back

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The Seat and the back of the chair are grouped together in this blog post because they are both processed from the same material. Instead of using solid wood we are using a 1” thick Baltic Birch Plywood as the core material. This makes processing multiple chairs very simple using sheet stock on a 4’x8’ ShopBot.

The seat of the chair is set at 2” thick, both for appearance and for strength, so we need to laminate two sheets of 1” inch Baltic Birch Plywood together to make the 2” sheets.

Nesting 2D:

The Seat and the Back are the simplest to nest simply because they are cut directly from sheet stock and because they are both completely 2D cuts. To start with we extracted curves from the edges of the parts and from the areas that are accepting the legs and arms.  These curves are what we will use to create the toolpaths.

The seats of the chairs fit nicely together simply by rotating them and placing them next to each other. (Note: Do not “mirror” the seats because if you are going to accommodate arms you will need to make sure and mill the slots for the arms in the tops of the seats, if you mirror the parts you will then be milling these arm slots on the bottoms or the parts.) The backs do not fit together as perfectly as the seats but still nest well enough to get a good yield from a sheet. The back also cannot be “mirrored” and must be placed face down because you will need to cut a step into the inner circle to support the center decorative piece.

Now that both sheets are nested, the next step will be how we choose to hold down the parts while they are being cut. Both the seats and back are two small and awkwardly shaped to be held down by vacuum pressure alone and we do not want to screw down our parts because of the holes it would leave. Our solution is to use tabbing and to hold down the remaining parts with screws. Since the seats are so closely nested together we will need to add the tabs to the inner circles and screw down the circle pieces to the table.  (The inner circle cut outs are useful in creating a hold down system, but mostly they remove excess weight in the chair that would be a real inconvenience in the final product.) In the backs we can add tabs to the outer perimeter since we can screw down the excess pieces that are left around the parts. Continue reading

Fast Cheap & in Control: An Evening with Benjamin Ball

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The AFLA along with Ilan Dei Studio is pleased to present:

Ball-Nogues Studio is an integrated design and fabrication practice led by Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues. The Studio creates experimental built environments to enhance and celebrate the potential for social interaction through sensation, spectacle and physical engagement via the production of architecture, art and industrial objects. They work with unusual materials, develop new digital tools, and apply architectural techniques in unorthodox ways. They seek opportunities to build that are outside the treacherous restraints of the conventional architectural milieu.

The Studio has exhibited at major institutions throughout the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Museum of Modern Art: the Guggenheim Museum: and PS1, to name a few. They have received numerous honors including two AIA Design Awards, United States Artists Target Fellowships and a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. Recently, their work became part of the collection at MoMA.

AFLA Members are free. Non-Members pay $5 at the door.

Let us know if you if you have any questions at

Three Voices in Design Panel Discussion

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The AFLA along with Ilan Dei Studio is pleased to present:

Margaret Griffin is a co-founder of Griffin Enright Architects. Her work combines innovation and experimentation to bring cutting-edge design to the built environment. Learn more about Margaret Griffin at Jennifer Siegal is the founder of OMD, Office of Mobile Design. Innovative mobile structures produced by the firm range from prefab to customized to green Modernist homes. She is dedicated to the design and construction of sustainable structures. Learn more about Jennifer Siegal at Julie Smith-Clementi, IDSA is a principal of Rios Clementi Hale Studios. Along with the development of the firm’s architecture projects, Ms. Smith-Clementi heads up Product Development of RCH Studios. She spearheads the growth and development of notNeutral, the Studio’s housewares product company. Learn more about Julie Smith-Clementi at

If you have any questions let us know at or 310 302 9222

Learn 3D Modeling!

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Share If you have ever wanted to learn CAD and 3D Modeling, Ilan Dei Studio is making it easy by offering convenient training sessions in one of the fastest growing and simple to understand programs out there

Rhino 3D CAD Level 1 – NURBS Modeling classes:
Ilan Dei Studio is pleased to have become an Rhino Authorized Training Center. We will be offering Level 1 – NURBS Modeling classes.

The first Rhino training will be September 21-October 7, Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6pm-10pm.
We will also be offering the same class in a continuous 3 day 24hr format on November 9 – 11th.
SKD money 1

CNC ShopBot Basic Training:
Ilan Dei Studio is continuing to offer CNC milling classes as the official ShopBot West Coast Training Center. There are still a few spots available for the next workshop on September 14-15. For more information please contact us at or 310 302 9222.

shop bot logo

Studio Furniture Workshop:
Ilan Dei Studios will also be hosting a Studio Furniture Workshop focusing on 3D carving, CNC processes and traditional furniture making techniques using digital tools with ShopBot Tools. The first class will be held on October 26th. Please contact us for more details.

A.N.T. Event: Connecting Creativity with Commerce

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A.N.T. Gallery, created by Venice-based furniture, product and interior designer Ilan Dei as a forum for discourse between art, nature and technology, is pleased to invite you to its event “Connecting Creativity and Commerce,” presented by award-winning industrial designer Stuart Karten, founder and principal of Stuart Karten Design.

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As a product designer giving form to objects from medical devices to hard drives and kitchen tongs, Karten blends art and technology to develop products that are simple to use, yet capture users’ imaginations. This process of “connecting creativity and commerce” involves getting into people’s minds and finding hot points that get them excited. Using case studies from his work, Karten will share his strategies for customer-driven product design.

Angeleno Press

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Angeleno’s National Home Design Editor, Alexandria Abrahmian-Mott featured Ilan Dei Studio in the magazine’s September issue. The article focuses on A.N.T., the gallery space attached to Dei’s Venice studio, designed as a forum for discourse between art, nature and technology.

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