Garden Wave Wall Completed

Ilan Dei Studio has recently completed a 45′ sculptural wall for a private residence in Los Angeles CA. The wall is inspired by the topography of the canyon that the property sits on and the corresponding view of the Pacific Ocean. Creating a backdrop on the edge of the property the wall defines an outdoor dining room complete with dining table, elaborate views of the canyon and ocean, and cooling shade from the tree branches overhead.

Mixing traditional Japanese simplicity with California Modernism and Digital Fabrication the wall is perceived differently depending on where the user is located within the property. The Redwood is set against green vegetation to create a contrast of color and depth that shifts in and out of view.

A black coated steel frame supports the redwood planks and provides the structure to let them hover just above the ground. The entire project was designed digitally and executed in the Ilan Dei Studio shop using CNC machines to cut out each of the wood profiles. The pieces were then treated to withstand the coastal weather and test assembled at the shop before the final assembly on the site.


2 Responses to “Garden Wave Wall Completed”

  1. WOW! This wall is amazing. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. We’ve got a heck load of estate agents back here in Nigeria who could use a facelift with the boring, conventional interiors. Let me know if you have a retail site where orders can be made. I’m glad I stopped by.

    Id = creativity 😀

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