ID Studio for Scott Johnson

Architect Scott Johnson has published and written about these outdoor pavilions in his recent book The Big Idea: Criticality and Practice in Contemporary Architecture (Balcony Press, 2006).

Here Johnson describes the project and his collaboration with Ilan Dei:

“I began to work with Ilan Dei…and we decided to fabricate some cubicle frames constructed of aluminum extruded sections and Plexiglas panels. The base of each frame, or pavilion, would be slightly elevated, floating above the concrete deck and paved in stone or rough timbers…The frames were intended to reconstitute the space, channel the view through the long axis of the terrace, and provide a sense of the subtle presence of nature through the most suggestive means. Each construction explored a systematic production of randomness, based upon variations within a grid. To my mind, these frames, like a Judd piece or a Cornell box, or nature for that matter, could suggest infinite variety.”


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